Friday, September 30, 2011


 Another tour... same Frank's friend ranch,this exposure is for show a new Frank's work

obviously same sun of Arizona !

 Frank has discovered this heirloom as ever in a junkyard...very lucky!

 the car now bright with his new black Mercury  mum had made

 the perfect side view with the special fenderskirt...the car is very magnificent and express a sublime design,many customizer take inspiration for this model for build hotrods as Sam Barris as one of the know?

 In this front view this Mercury Eight,expresses all of his class..maybe all of the pics was taken in front of a manor!

 the back view with a particular exhaust pipes,called "fishtail"a detail very cool as some hot rods

 under the hood snoring sly the classic flathead common for this kind of old cars

 the interior now all new as usually Frank prepare,he has choice a two tone colour grey and blue that give more elegance at this model

another interior view with all his welcome on board!

a detail for the door interior...

what else said? maybe more but Frank prefers to let the pictures speak you the verdict!

Mercury 1949 1/24 by Motor Max Completely reloaded by Frank Garage

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