Friday, September 23, 2011


Frank've found with extremely luck,this Ford coupè 1949. The conditions were desperate,the car were found in a factory field,completely disassembled,burned many parts lost...but a good idea goes followed...So Frank took it home.

 After a long work with his hands he show us this (almost) perfect work,seen the poor conditions of finding
the body totally welded with new metal sheet....a long work of carpentery...repainted with a special color from a color chart of '49 for  Ford trucks  called :"Strata Blue" ....yes -yes he know that it's incorect for the car but Frank said in my ear that's one of his special features!!

 B/W photographs for improving the car look, and give the impression to give a jump in the past 

 Frank inaugurate his work driving the car to a ranch of one of his friends

The trunk is empty but all new lined and has the all-new "plaid" vinyl cover

the rear end with chromed side finiture typical for coupè model,while on the bussiness model  were missing.

a detail and a curiosity,the car is from Oregon  (as licence plate show)  Frank for maintain the originality has used an (used  part) rear window from Oregon car with an old stiker on.

 the engine a typical Flathead 239 ci was replaced (missing in the model found) with all new,and now back to life this Ford

 open hood under the Arizona sun...

the interior it has been very hard to replace 'case completely missing ,but after a lot of  Frank's sleepless nights it has finished with pride

 the double side view,passenger seat.

Now the car at Ranch entrance is ready to riding again the huge prairies and beyond ...

Totally reloaded by Frank Diecast by MotorMax 1/24

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