Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Some shots from the past, the end of 60's in California
Summer, old pictures taken in a street with some cars parked around, someone is ready to surfing, take a look to the rear seats in the black Impala. and someone is ready to relax take a look in the garden Spend time with nostalgic memories

Sunday, January 22, 2017

FORD F100 1954

Frank presents us a Ford F100 model year 1954 with a fascinating location behind, an old Shell gas station in Arizona along the highway that  Frank run often.

Frank has worked hard, the vehicle was completely disassembled, many parties needed to be replaced and rebuilt many, especially in sheet metal.

 The grille was reconstructed almost in its entirety without being replaced to maintain the originality of the piece. The body was first sandblasted painted in "Cadet blue" and the roof was painted in white, the color chosen is not the most common products, but according to Frank exquisitely elegant

The rims are the original paintings in blue with chrome rim and boss on which sparkle tires "white wall". Frank left on the rear platform of the wooden banks to remind what use this wonderful F100 was intended

 Under the hood beats back the original unit, the Y-Block 279 c.i cleverly cooled by an all parts control

 The interior has been completely redone by Frank bringing them to the new, even for the inner blue it is the predominant color, the steering wheel has been replaced due to the wear and Frank reassures us on taking in the guide.

Now the exaust pipes are double, for good american sound
All the details have been carefully tended, Frank is pleased to have reported on the road once again a piece of the american history
Ford F100 1954 diecast 1/24 Motor Max totally rebuilded by Frank

Friday, October 14, 2016

Lincoln-Zephir Continental 1941

The Lincoln-Zephyr brand was introduced in 1936 as a cost content over the Lincoln brand; It was introduced to bridge the gap between the number of Ford V8 deluxe and top range of Lincoln, as the LaSalle brand was Cadillac. The Zephir cars were the first after the failure of Chrysler Airfolw to have an aerodynamic successful style.
Frank was eager to try this beautiful vintage cars on the road, not so much for the car itself but for what it was throbbing under the hood: a 4.8-liter V12 flatehead perfectly functioning expertly prepared properly.
The sweet unusual noise has left Frank startled while conducting this jewel on the sunny lands of Arizona, and thanks to aerodynamics the speed seemed to above the expectations of the most avid driver.The car m.y 1941 has arrived in the hands of unexpected Frank a real opportunity and in excellent conditions.

The red leather interior were excellent and they have not changed, the simplicity of this car is also essential in the dashboard with round dials and give a strange feeling to those who sit behind the wheel to drive almost an airplane
stay tuned!  Frank

Friday, August 5, 2016


Frank allows us to share daily life with photos El camino m.y 1968 in SS396 version

Tuxedo black and  rally wheels for this El Camino, red vinyl interior make this utility vehicle very aggressive despite being fully factory.

under the hood the 396 c.i offers well 375 Hp!
Much dust still flows under the wheels of this El camino ... Frank say.

Chevrolet El camino 1968 : Diecast 1/24 Danbury Mint partially restored by Frank 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Chevrolet pickup K line - 1972

Frank has a great passion for 4x4 pickups and proves it with one of his last works.
This time it is dedicated to a Chevrolet K10 in 1972. The vehicle has undergone a complete renovation to the body, which was painted totally black, to streamline this color are the faux wood trim along the side and on the tailgate.
But this might seem trivial to an experienced mechanic as Frank, in fact, what really matters is what's under the chassis, here Frank exaggerated completely redoing the bridges; First, a lift of 15 inches for all terrain, has repositioned broadcasts and has put heavy-duty shock absorbers on both axes.

The rear differential is reinforced and the front have disappeared crossbows replaced with independent springs.

Additional lights on the front grille and visible every obstacle in extreme situations, under the rear bumper a fog light to be seen and marker lights on the roof to give more visibility to this truck .
Furthermore, a reinforced plate under the cup seems to make unassailable heart of this K10. side steps help the climb into the cab and truck-style mirrors complement the uniqueness of this vehicle.

This vehicle should ensure the climbing of any obstacle because Frank has mounted a pair of truly large tires for both off-road vehicle (given the groove in plug) both the seal on the width of the tire road view, all on beautiful circles chromium by 15 inches.

The deck is protected by a cover dedicated deck with Chevy logo, driven by electric piston to keep protected objects that are charged.

The internal combustion engine 350 did not undergo peculiar changes if not the replacement of the cover aluminum valves and the installation of a more powerful air filter.

The interior is of a beautiful black villain ... lacking inserts faux wood and despite being an Cheyenne as a version of interior finishes, the lack of wood trim denote that the year 1972 was at the end when this pickup left the factory, because they were removed from Chevy production.

Chevrolet Cheyenne Diecast 1/24 by Jada total revisited by Frank

Friday, March 18, 2016


Frank was bound to have in his hands a piece of American history and for this service offers us a magnificent and distinctive model T Ford Touring m.y. 1925 .

Frank has unearthed at a museum in the process of restoration and renewal and bargaining here for this very dated 4 doors in its collection

The shots are taken at the lizzie  arrived  at the Frank garage, the long road to get there was not really recommended it on wheels saw the age of the medium but Frank said that he had no doubts about its reliability in even grind hundreds of miles , moreover this Ford has moved half of America far and wide from the 20th century.


The car is a 4-door (touring) convertible with some special accessories including deflectors for air, toolbox on the running board, bellboy always the same, can be glimpsed inside a suitcase! Furthermore there is also the stock to the rear wheel.

The car is in excellent condition, totally black as usual, only the "hood" and the interior have some wear but the seats are original.
is also the stock to the rear wheel.

The engine beneath the covers is in excellent condition and snoring anchors as if it was his first day of ignition.
An unusual car for Frank canons but the desire to go back in time was strong, savoring the few miles per hour that could give this car to enjoy doing but driving like a frontier waiting to be discovered

Ford Model T touring 1925 diecast 1/24 by Sunstarr revisited by Frank.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Frank presents a 1940  m.y Ford Coupe, sober and in good general condition. In front of his workshop captures with his camera this car survived the decades and came to Arizona without flaws.
Painted "Vermillion red" with fabric inside "gray" shows that in the years before the war was a small model of cars that accompanied the Americans in their travels.
The line of the back with his big trunk give a sense of clean design and only the chrome line on the sides of the curves denote the evidence just mentioned.
The grid is the major innovation for 1940 and in this model we see the importance, as if the car was a car of higher class.
 The car has little need of restoration but a controlled motor which in this specific model is a V8 flatehead with 60 hp.
The dashboard as the rest of the car's minimalist-style art deco and leaves no room for frills or excesses optional.

A turn of the key and this Ford is back on the road!

Ford Coupè 1940 Diecast 1/24 by Danbury mint partially revisited by Frank.