Sunday, February 4, 2018


Frank has on his hands a real full size: 1958 Pontiac Bonneville convertible, a magnificent car and Frank  say that could be  better  than a Caddy.
Unique combination of a sports car and a luxury car, it seems strange to say so for a car so huge but it was 58 and everything was huge.
A machine with a fresh and youthful design able to amaze a large owners  (a pact to have a well-garnished wallet n.d.r)  

Painted two tone: Mallard torquoise iridescent poly (dark) and Marlin torquoise for the sides give a chromatic combination of the favorites of Frank, even the interior has the same color, with the central coating type sport.

 Under the hood  the 300-hp tri-power pulses angrily, so much so that the car can be played at sporting speed despite its weight

The car is perfect with plenty of options: two-tone leather interior, radio, air conditioning, double mirrors and a continental kit so as to make it exceed five meters; rims with white band tires, antenna on the rear fender, this is a sport also by virtue of the name it bears.

A true blaze of chrome that brings us back to the 50 years of luxury and opulence, those that few could afford but this is also America.

Pontiac Boneville 1958 Diecast 1/24 Danbury Mint – partially revisited by Frank

Saturday, February 3, 2018


For this project we’re started from a Welly diecast Chevelle 1971, the main idea was to modify a convertible into a fastback version…a model not yet on production.

The big work it was adding a new roof and guess the right dimension!

Frank in the restoration has thought a streamlined and essential line without too many frills.

Painted in burnt Orange the car is really beautiful as an Arizona sunset.

easy and simply the black interiors

Watching it you look at the respect in a car that can still be coming up keeping it with 365 hp.

The hood pins configure this Chevelle a real SS.

Chevelle 1971 diecast 1/24 by Welly. totally  redone and rebuild by Frank

Thursday, January 4, 2018


At this time, I’m started from a Ford coupe 1940 by Motor Max diecast 1/24,the model was poor in details and with some errors, the grille incorrect as the bucket seats and custom steering wheels, and front lights

For this I’ve used the salt chipping method for give a realistic wheatered aspect at the body car (green painted), then I’ve modified the front with a new grille that arrive long the engine scoop and put the new wheatered chromed details, modified the front lights
I’ve disassembled completely the car, I’ve prepared a new engine (ford 427 supercharged ) for change the flatehead positioned under the hood…during the work I thought… why no try to prepare a rat rod? I thought of the model of ford that was closer to the model and I thought of the 38 '
Inside I’ve change everything now there’s a bench seat new door panel new banjo steering wheels and I’ve build a new dashboard (aluminum made). I’ve also put new interior coverings like the carpet

I've change the windshield with  trim opening, I’ve prepared also the trunk with carpet and interiors details.

New large and loud exhaust pipes appear under the body rear’s.
I’ve change the wheels with others steel made and different tires rear/front .
eliminated bumpers for get more aggressive look.

my intention it has been have a junk car...but with a hidden power.


Friday, December 15, 2017


I start this work with an old diecast model by “Hot Wheels” from early 80’s, found in a model exhibition event  ,the model is poor in detail and poor in plastic quality, not styrene or similar but a plastic like PE or PP, hard to work in the intention to modifying it. 
The door are without window frame, the mirrors are big and bad moulded, the wheels are preposterous, tail light wrong for this stepside model, total absent the undercarriage details, the  axles only few outline; the interior poor and made also here with soft plastic hard to work especially  for the dash.

I’ve modified all the parts mentioned for give at this diecast an honorable aspect, and change it from “ vintage toys” replacing it as vintage and rare model at least… I hope.
First step was disassembling the model and rebuild the undercarriage…I’ve added the frame, the transmission tree, the front and rear axle, the reduction gear and his axle then I’ve add the engine and gear bottom . I’ve put the double exhaust system and put also suspension , on the rear axle “King” and at the front two “Monroe" springs . I’ve added also the protection for the engine ad the gasoline trunk .
More is over I thought, so I’ve passed to prepare the door glass frame…thought be easy, I’ve discoverer  that wasn't … I’ve had to eliminate the false frame in the Honcho’s body and try to set the new frame (attached at the door) in the right position…hard done but done..
At the rear I’ve “chromed” the bumper and I’ve modified it with rebuilding the step (not present before ) where is applied the license plate.

The front grille it has been “chromed” and modified with  get insertion new direction lenses on the bottom, also added extra  lights mount on the bull bar. Rebuilded the tail lights ‘cause the mould on the body was incorrect; other change it had been add new wheels and tires the  now are good on the lifted axles.

After this I’ve prepared the interior where I’ve put the carpet I’ve put new upholstery (two tone)at the seats ad put the central arm rest/seat; new steering wheel, radio,  new glass for the windshield  and the back glass, added the sun visor and the interior mirror plus the dome light. For the cluster I’ve holed the dash then putty and fix with new panel instrument, on the rear pillar now the safety belts. A lot of work is taken for prepare the interior doors panel rebuild totally ( the original was only mould on the door and not so good) now is present the glass crank, the  door opener, the arm rest and the air grille.

Doors now have new door handles (before only shape) and new truck mirrors. The body (sanded) is paint with a new burgundy color, aerial and licenses plate complete this Honcho…now pictured in his natural landscape.
Honcho 1981 by Hot Wheels 1/25 totally redone by Frank

Thursday, November 23, 2017

FORD F-1 1949

Frank has restored a new means, a 1949 F1 pickup, found in a discreet condition at a workshop, took him home with intentions to hold him tight.
To say to him a common but very reliable means from here the desire to keep it in order to enrich his collection. The medium was polished to make the color shine under the dust and opaque of the years: "arabian green", a beautiful dark green.

Frank had to revisit the mudguards that had some dents and some rusty holes in preparing them, thinking of coloring them in black to have a nice contrast with the dark green of the body and having a two-tone pickup.

The interior was cleaned just because the bench was covered with new brown vinyl, like the cabin sky. An alternative alternative to this medium is the long handbrake lever that is at the center of the booth (not standand option).

The load floor has been restored with new walnut planks and polished aluminum reinforcements; the rims were repainted with the color of the bodywork and new white wall tires were fitted, making this vehicle very elegant. The engine itself, with only 40,000 mls run, 226 c.i. 6 small cylinders but with 95 honest horses. The "restoration" also included a chromed "bundle" for bumper and post bumper and mirrors. Only "license" but in the end is the usual "touch of Frank" is the Tan frontal color (typical of 1948) instead of the silver one, but by Frank's greatest contrast made!

Ford F-1 1949 Diecast 1/24 MotorMax- totally reconditioned by Frank