Wednesday, June 6, 2018

CHEVELLE L79 m.y 1968

Frank shows us with true pride of passionate a "must", a 1968 Chevelle L79, a lot of work and a lot of effort to bring back to life what he considers one of the best Chevelle. The car was found during one of his research looking for an SS, the particularity but he took over and here the decision to restore this L79.
The engine was in good condition and only a good starting point was enough to make its 350 hp still roar. Frank has overhauled the gearbox that boasts the 4-speed option! And to complete it all, he has a Hurst lever that stands out in the middle of the bench-seat. Complete the work the original exhaust that appears curved from under the bumper.
Externally the Chevy was not set very well (‘cause cloned SS), Frank wanted to prepare it by having to dismantle it all. First thing was to mount its original hood without the air scoop crowning, eliminated the chrome moldings of the SS proceeded to prepare the bodywork and give it the original color that was a very special two tone: Teal Blue (lower) and Island blue (upper) a fantastic color that gives a sense of peace (like a duck in a pond) get at that car that give few sense of  peace. Changed the grid with an original chrome not black (ss).
Set orange turn lights instead of the white ones (SS option), removed from the rear of the black band leaving the body color on the plate where the long badge was added. Frank has put the original rims as simple and colorful as the bodywork, tires with red line make it so sporty. A simple car without too many frills with a latent charm of those who only love the Chevelle can appreciate.

The car internally was well set up, bench-seat, deluxe interiors that are recognized by the panels with chrome and satin finish line, black and gray for the upholstery fabrics. Dashboard complete with standard central rev counter, seat belts, radio and air conditioning.
Hurst lever that stands out in the middle of the bench-seat. Complete the work the original exhaust that appears curved from under the bumper. 

For Frank the best Chevelle ever made.

Chevelle (ss 396) L79 Diecast 1/24 by Welly

Friday, April 20, 2018

RetroAutosEnEscala: CHECKER, taxi de Nueva York (1980)

RetroAutosEnEscala: CHECKER, taxi de Nueva York (1980): Miniatura en escala 1:43 realizada por IXO para la entrega nro. 2 de la colecciòn “Taxis del Mundo” editada en Argentina en 2018 ...


Frank has prepared a special car, a Malibu SS m.y 1965, let's say almost a rarity. Restored remaining as faithful as possible to the original, Frank, however, has added  some details.

Painted in Ermine white, he has prepared the interiors (Medium Blue Pattern Imitation Leather) in a metallic blue with a dark blue central part in fake leather, an aluminum center console and a "muncie" gear lever on a three-speed manual transmission.

The particular thing, however, is the engine, Frank wanted to put a 396 instead of the 327 that should have been there, Frank wanted to have in his hands that single Malibu SS Z16 convertible built in 1965 and even if so a clone is a clone of the all special!
Frank then put special 16-inch wheels with lowered tires and disc brakes to stop this beast properly.
Now the Chevelle is ready, the surf in the back seat seems to announce that the holidays are coming, bringing Frank back to that far summer in 1965 where showing off this "muscle" along the beaches was a source of pride.

Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS diecast 1/24 Saico total redone by Frank

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Oldsmobile 88 1955

Frank show us to this wonderful Oldsmobile Super 88 1955 convertible, a compact and elegant car with a charm to sell.

The two oval spokes with the mounted lights in the center of the mask make the nose as dynamic as the nose of a spaceship. All in clear construction ambiance 50 years where space and the future are the thinking of all American

A splendid car that shows off on the driveway of a house in the south of the States

The car came out of Frank's hands, perfect in every detail; at the rear wheel arches the fender skirt that connects the wheel with the bodywork making the car slender upward as if it were taking off, perfect chromed parts  that makes it solar.

Skilfully colored two tones in the "flying colors" style of Oldsmobile with the blue Bimini and the Polar white, just as much for the interiors as double the double tone, including the dashboard. 

Under the hood the V8 324 c.i Rocket painted again in green, scratches with its 202 HP an engine that for the moment has burnt the asphalt! Frank is enthusiastic and reminds us that this car was one of the forerunners of the "muscle cars" that will arrive a decade from there.

This model / year was a real success, about 600 thousand cars that will be a record for the Oldsmobile brand for the ten years after '55 and that for the joy of Frank another has been saved from oblivion!

Oldsmobile super 88 1/24 diecast Welly total redone by Frank

Monday, March 26, 2018


Frank has in his hands a classic Impala class 1964, just finished shows us this work in particular that it is a station wagon. Frank has completely restored it except for the timeless 409 engine.

The car was painted Almond fawn metallic a "fine" silver Which embellished by the double tone : the roof is white.

Externally Frank has added a couple of options such as the "mudguards" on the rear fenders to make the rear end and the roof rack racy to make this full-size as well as beautiful.

The engine has not been replaced but overhauled, it is Turbo Fire 409 c.i 400 hp with a change in the steering wheel a huge torque and an almost disproportionate power. 

For the interiors Frank opted for a double tone between the medium metallic blue and the white, a very well-chosen exterior interior contrast; Inside we find 6 comfortable seats and a huge trunk. The air conditioning completes the comfort of this wonderful Chevy flagship.

Frank the photographer ready to go to the beach, a surf on the roof ... someone is ready to ride the waves and the road again with this classic Impala.

Impala Station Wagon 1964 diecast 1/24 Jada total redone by Frank

Saturday, March 3, 2018

FORD MUSTANG 1964 -The American Icon-

Frank presents us the icon par excellence of American motoring a Mustang Coupé first series, simple elegant and sober.

Frank presents us the icon par excellence of American motoring a Mustang Coupé first series, simple elegant and sober. No frills or roaring engines only what the average American could dream of taking home in 1964 and it's no small thing (ed) ..

The newly-restored Mustang is the so-called 1964½ (because it came out on the road in mid-1964), Frank has wanted to keep the exact originality of when it was ordered; painted winbledon white with black interior, a simple color combination that stands out the line of this icon on wheels.

The black interior is simple and essential: bucket seats and three-spoke steering wheel, they are what Iacocca had imagined, a car with multiple interpretations of those who would have driven it sporty or elegant. The change on the floor shows a novelty for the American user accustomed to changing the steering wheel on low-cost cars, while here he wanted to give the impression of having in his hands a car of a higher level.
The only option installed is the "factory model" air conditioning for a more faithful restoration and to stay cool.

Externally we find wheels with white band on rim covered by an elegant full-rim chrome rim. Badges 260 on the front fenders identify that this Mustang is a V8 "base" (engine block black instead of blue) with 164 hp under the hood, might look a few but the Mustang is lightweight and can ensure an honest driving fun.

Frank is pleased and proud to have brought back to the road what is the American icon par excellence.

Mustang 1964 ½ diecast 1/24 welly redone by Frank

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Frank has on his hands a real full size: 1958 Pontiac Bonneville convertible, a magnificent car and Frank  say that could be  better  than a Caddy.
Unique combination of a sports car and a luxury car, it seems strange to say so for a car so huge but it was 58 and everything was huge.
A machine with a fresh and youthful design able to amaze a large owners  (a pact to have a well-garnished wallet n.d.r)  

Painted two tone: Mallard torquoise iridescent poly (dark) and Marlin torquoise for the sides give a chromatic combination of the favorites of Frank, even the interior has the same color, with the central coating type sport.

 Under the hood  the 300-hp tri-power pulses angrily, so much so that the car can be played at sporting speed despite its weight

The car is perfect with plenty of options: two-tone leather interior, radio, air conditioning, double mirrors and a continental kit so as to make it exceed five meters; rims with white band tires, antenna on the rear fender, this is a sport also by virtue of the name it bears.

A true blaze of chrome that brings us back to the 50 years of luxury and opulence, those that few could afford but this is also America.

Pontiac Boneville 1958 Diecast 1/24 Danbury Mint – partially revisited by Frank