Friday, September 9, 2011


 The summer is ended (more or less) and Frank is back with another of his restoration cars!!

 as we can see he show us another special car a 1966 Chevy Nova SS

 unearthed in a Junkyard near to Bismark (ND) in a good condition but a little messy for body

 Frak have re painted all the body with a sweetly (as a vanilla cream) "lemonwood yellow"

 then he have put white line tyres and special chromed rims for give a classic appearance at this Nova

 the rear end immaculate with his new SS logo on the chromed frame,also the new exhaust pipe that come out  to the  undercarriage are new, for a new sound sweet to listen
 a particular the licence plate frame and the original plate of the 66' from ND where the car was found!!black&white photographs it's better ... for done a jump in the past with the mind!

 The engine a Turbo Fire 327 with 350 prancing american horses!the engine was still in good condition but Frank obviously have cleaned all parts and added some special items as usually he does

the door panel had yet the oil control labels...Frank  leaved it   for more originality   at the car
 The interior vinyl black has been restored and cleaned, now it's as new of factory,also here Frank has added some special parts as the new shifter (for manual gear)

Also the additional gauges under the dash are added by Frank

the key is inserted , is enough a turn for another trip in the past and in the Frank's world!

Die cast Johnny Lightning 1/24 total redone by Frank

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