Thursday, November 10, 2011


Another jump in the Chevy world by Frank!

At this time he show us a new work just ready!:Impala year 1958 for polish our eyes

 at this time he has prepared a special personal version for this super-icon from the past...
originally find in bad condition, as usual he looking for... rusted blue colored,totally to restore.

 Frank rolled up their sleeves again....First time after a total sanding...he has painted the body with a new tuxedo black,added a red profiles stripes for give a diabolic apperance!

 rebuilding this car he thought about the customizing from guys of the 60thies
at the back he has changed all the rear lights,(and this he has re-built by hand)

 under the hood  has placed a 348 c.i. (Super Turbo Trust) with a maual gear shift on the floor (Syncro -Mesh 3) clean and full-bodied and also  an original option for the 58'the maximum performance for the past(in that year).
this engine have 315 hp

 the interior the Frank pride: leather bi-tone red & black,total redone,also new carpet and new new!

two dice lucky charm take his place at the rear mirror...on the floor the long shifter..

 one can see on the body also the new logos at his place...
no more original wheels but rally wheels with oversized tyres fo more grip

 a front view as a devil in the desert ranch...ready to haunt his victims... 
a detail applied on the rear glass: a bad dog...but really? bite my dust!

Diecast 1/24 Saico total redone by Frank

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