Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Frank still works despite the holiday at the gates,show us a true Nova SS 396,and show it  at the famous annual muscle car contest to his surrounding.

 take it from a Michigan junkyard...he has restored completely this nice muscle.

 he has repainted totally the body with one of his preferred colors:“Fathom green poly”

under the hood pulse now and yet the big 396 ci refreshed (it was find in not so in bad conditions),with new heads,and camshaft...also the carburetor it has been changed,and more all parts needed.

the interior is all new:carpet,dash,gauges and the shift on the floor with 4 manual gear...also the floor mats by Mr.Horsepower

the back with his fastback line typical for the age when this "muscle" was build..Frank has added four chromed rims with special tires "Eagle"..kind of consuetude for all performance cars of the time...

 another view with a kind of "vintage photo"....back to the sixty nine...nostalgic Frank..
here in all his beautiful splendor...ready to run and to win the special contest...maybe


DieCast by johnny lightning 1/24 total reloaded by Frank

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