Friday, March 18, 2016


Frank was bound to have in his hands a piece of American history and for this service offers us a magnificent and distinctive model T Ford Touring m.y. 1925 .

Frank has unearthed at a museum in the process of restoration and renewal and bargaining here for this very dated 4 doors in its collection

The shots are taken at the lizzie  arrived  at the Frank garage, the long road to get there was not really recommended it on wheels saw the age of the medium but Frank said that he had no doubts about its reliability in even grind hundreds of miles , moreover this Ford has moved half of America far and wide from the 20th century.


The car is a 4-door (touring) convertible with some special accessories including deflectors for air, toolbox on the running board, bellboy always the same, can be glimpsed inside a suitcase! Furthermore there is also the stock to the rear wheel.

The car is in excellent condition, totally black as usual, only the "hood" and the interior have some wear but the seats are original.
is also the stock to the rear wheel.

The engine beneath the covers is in excellent condition and snoring anchors as if it was his first day of ignition.
An unusual car for Frank canons but the desire to go back in time was strong, savoring the few miles per hour that could give this car to enjoy doing but driving like a frontier waiting to be discovered

Ford Model T touring 1925 diecast 1/24 by Sunstarr revisited by Frank.

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