Thursday, January 14, 2016


Frank presents a 1940  m.y Ford Coupe, sober and in good general condition. In front of his workshop captures with his camera this car survived the decades and came to Arizona without flaws.
Painted "Vermillion red" with fabric inside "gray" shows that in the years before the war was a small model of cars that accompanied the Americans in their travels.
The line of the back with his big trunk give a sense of clean design and only the chrome line on the sides of the curves denote the evidence just mentioned.
The grid is the major innovation for 1940 and in this model we see the importance, as if the car was a car of higher class.
 The car has little need of restoration but a controlled motor which in this specific model is a V8 flatehead with 60 hp.
The dashboard as the rest of the car's minimalist-style art deco and leaves no room for frills or excesses optional.

A turn of the key and this Ford is back on the road!

Ford Coupè 1940 Diecast 1/24 by Danbury mint partially revisited by Frank.

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