Friday, April 8, 2016

Chevrolet pickup K line - 1972

Frank has a great passion for 4x4 pickups and proves it with one of his last works.
This time it is dedicated to a Chevrolet K10 in 1972. The vehicle has undergone a complete renovation to the body, which was painted totally black, to streamline this color are the faux wood trim along the side and on the tailgate.
But this might seem trivial to an experienced mechanic as Frank, in fact, what really matters is what's under the chassis, here Frank exaggerated completely redoing the bridges; First, a lift of 15 inches for all terrain, has repositioned broadcasts and has put heavy-duty shock absorbers on both axes.

The rear differential is reinforced and the front have disappeared crossbows replaced with independent springs.

Additional lights on the front grille and visible every obstacle in extreme situations, under the rear bumper a fog light to be seen and marker lights on the roof to give more visibility to this truck .
Furthermore, a reinforced plate under the cup seems to make unassailable heart of this K10. side steps help the climb into the cab and truck-style mirrors complement the uniqueness of this vehicle.

This vehicle should ensure the climbing of any obstacle because Frank has mounted a pair of truly large tires for both off-road vehicle (given the groove in plug) both the seal on the width of the tire road view, all on beautiful circles chromium by 15 inches.

The deck is protected by a cover dedicated deck with Chevy logo, driven by electric piston to keep protected objects that are charged.

The internal combustion engine 350 did not undergo peculiar changes if not the replacement of the cover aluminum valves and the installation of a more powerful air filter.

The interior is of a beautiful black villain ... lacking inserts faux wood and despite being an Cheyenne as a version of interior finishes, the lack of wood trim denote that the year 1972 was at the end when this pickup left the factory, because they were removed from Chevy production.

Chevrolet Cheyenne Diecast 1/24 by Jada total revisited by Frank

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