Friday, September 11, 2015

Chevrolet C 10 ( Cheyenne Super ) 1972

Frank wants to enjoy a little 'relaxation reaching a cottage in the Pennsylvania woods, to do it and not to disprove anything, does it on one of his latest creations : Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 1972 an excellent way with a good deck.
The Cheyenne was painstakingly restored as is the custom of Frank, the version is the Super, top of the line for this versatile pickup.
The medium has undergone a total repainting bi-tone, the classic white accompanied by "green gulf poly" that make this pickup unusual and delicate eye of the attentive observer.
The wood grain  trim on the sides and tailgate are distinctive version of the Cheyenne and together the exterior bi-tone  painting  get it really wonderful.
The interior details are rich and in tone with the outside: green.
The set paints chosen by Frank for this restoration got does not go unnoticed.
Inside is the air conditioning, the FM radio and the bench seat for long miles without tiring driving. Faux wood panels decorate the interior making the reception in the cabin like a car.
Manual transmission moves this vehicle everywhere.

The engine was replaced with a new unit 350  ci, we see it under the hood in its beautiful put orange with black heads, pulsating unstoppable to go all the miles that will be required.
Only element "custom" Frank is mounting :chrome wheels with tires increased denoting a note of additional grit, but sober, how he likes. .
Frank has done a great job his relax is well deserved!
At the next Frank !.

Chevrolet Cheyenne Diecast 1/24 by Jada total revisited by Frank

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