Thursday, November 28, 2013


 From the past Frank show us this kind of begin, when the Frank's Garage was only an idea in a mind of someone of his kin.
 We are at the end of the 30’s and we can see some interesting truck at work : Ford series BB 1934 with the wood charge on the bed.

This truck had the V8 engine 221 c.i with 85 hp. This truck had a closed cabin a new from the middle of 30’... before , usually the  cabin was open. Furthermore this truck was offered with V8 instead the classic four cylinders.

The gear was a 3 speed manual. This truck has been a force of work for the time for all the workers before the 2 ww.
 Together at this Flatbed truck we see a Chevy sedan delivery of the 1939 all new…(we’re on the year of Frank garage built). This Chevy was move by a 6 inline (216 ci for 85 hp)

 The Chevy all new but not perfect…the hood was open and probably some trouble was incurred… but near the Chevy another Chevy for support: Chevy series DB named  “Eagle” from 1935.
Also this Chevy has the inline six for 207 c.i, this engine was named also Stovebolt… for the typical bolt with slot as used for the wood-stove.

On the truck side the Chevy logo…so which best occasion for the begin of the Frank garage activity?
This vintage photographs give nostalgic frame for these lost Trucks but while are passed many years this images give emotions again as if time had never passed.


Ford 1934 truck Diecast 1/24 Unique replicas

Chevy 1934 Delivery Diecast 1/24 Unique replicas

Chevy 1939 Sedan Delivery Diecast 1/24 Jada


In this episode:

The Chevy Sedan delivery 1939 originally custom edition by Jada was modified by:

Re-painted from black to Apple Green

Removal V8 engine with a detailed inline six installation.
 Substitution of the bucket seat with the correct bench seat.

Improving of interiors details.

New wheels and Tires instead previous custom with low profile.

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