Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Frank has been lucky for the  1968 Firebird re found. He found it in a very good shape.

the Pontiac is Painted in “april gold poly”…and the main difference with the 67 year model is the disappear of the wind glass to the side of car and the added of  the federal lights
mounted on the car side…very particular is the back side lamp with the Pontiac sign moulded

The interiors are also these in very good conditions and are black in vinyl made. the manual gear with the 8 on the pommel denote the passion for V8 engine by the pre-owner!

 Under the hood found a 400 Ram air II with 340 HP.

The wheels is stock and the tires are red line performance by good year. what else? Another icon served hot on the dish!

Pontiac Firebird 1968 1/24 modelkit by Revell

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