Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The last Bird

 in the Arizona desert take some shots the roadrunner in his natural set.
 Plymouth had been restored with maniacal passion by Frank, and appear brilliant under the hot  sun that burn the asphalt as also this car could do.

ainted Chestnut gold poly with black stripe is almost camouflaged in this deserted landscape.

The interiors ar made in a brown leather and together the exterior paint are tone on tone, an elegant choice than the sport car where are combined
Under the hood a 360 c.i small block with 170 Hp…not very powerful but with the automatic gear could give a very satisfactory drive sensation.

Distintive  element aftermarket is the rallye wheels mounted by Frank.
 said this car is the “last bird” for that that he considered to be the last specimen of “a bird that know yet run but don't fly anymore”.

Stay Tuned



Plymouth Roadrunner 1973 Model Kit 1/25 by Amt 

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