Friday, July 26, 2013


 Frank again on the road to find some special features from the automobile world.

The meeting place is a garden where he show a beauty: Firebird m.y.1967 painted Tyrol blue poly

The interior are blue totally restored : bucket seats,console,doors panel , dash and every parts.
The car appear blue on blue and this is  a very special option
All the details are true to the original, only the tires are different: we find the "eagle" instead of the red line that the car came out in '67.

The gear is manual , with three speed shift on the floor ,on the hood we could see the tachometer as the Pontiac peculiar characteristic

This Firebird is an HO version with 285 hp. Frank is proud to have restored this car.
get ready to test this Frank's work?

Pontiac Firebird 1967 1/24 diecast by Welly
Total reloaded By Frank

Pontiac Firebird facts


The Pontiac Firebird appears on the market February 23, 1967, produced by the Pontiac model to counter the continued rise of the car "small" and powerful as fashion dictated.
The Firebird was built on the chassis of the Camaro and almost all metal sheets were derived Camaro, only the front grille and the bonnet was exclusive of Pontiac, shaped beak were a distinctive feature of the success of this car.
The engines were installed all Pontiac no sharing with Chevrolet.
Interesting to know that the best engine mounted on the Firebird with the same performance and efficiency was the 6-cylinder with 165 hp 230 there, brought to 215 the Sprint version with carburetor quadricorpo high compression. The transmission on the 6-cylinder was either 3 or 4-speed manual and automatic exchange with Powerglide. This 6-cylinder was a sophisticated machine and also much higher than the Camaro.
Most buyers, however, bought the Firebird with the V8 engine that was classic and low compression. It started with a 326 hp 250 with us to get to 285 hp with increased compression called HO (High Output), distinguishable from the decal dedicated. on the sides of the machine.
It was also offered the option there 400 big block 325 hp and 400 Ram Air version (with non-functional air scoop on the hood) that gave different power delivery.
The transmissions for the V8 were the same for the 6-cylinder, three-speed automatic except the one called "Car boxes turbohydramatic." So Firebird versions for 1967 were: base, sprint, 326.326 HO, Ram Air 400,400.
As for options beyond the engine, they were almost endless so as not to find any Firebird produced the same as another.

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