Thursday, June 27, 2013



Frank back in  the past with one of his time machine tour…and he bring us in a Chevy dealer. We are in the 1957 

In the showroom are exposed two new Chevy Nomad. The costumer has place an order for one of this beautiful car, but now he might choose  two. The different choice is for the colour…hard choice ‘cause both are a beauties. Larkspur Blue e Calypso Cream is the choice.. the licence plate is already on the desk ready to screwing

Hard choice! Frank meet  us of  those moments as be of ourself time, as a time machine we’re on visit at that dealer to buy that car!

Both the cars look beautiful  white wall tires, radio on the dash, rear slide window…trunk with double open…and the tail fins so cool in the fifties!

Turning  around the cars we could imagine which will be the choice. Both the car have the interiors colours as the body “tone on tone” …so the choice is more hard.

Under the hood the same engine the Turbo Fire with  283 horsepower…so from point of view of power the costumer shouldn’t have problem.
you which colour would you choose? 

Diecast Chevrolet Nomad 1957 by Crown Premiums 1/24

Diorama set By Frank Garage

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