Friday, May 10, 2013


 There was upon a time…could beginning so this story by Frank..
These pictures has taken as often happens from Frank memories.
The truck in the picture is a Ford model year 1937,rusted, dirty , fully operative for a farm (in the corner peer a JD tractor).
 The time is from Frank’s young age… is the  Nebraska country.. under Christmas time.
The version of this pick up is standard but there was also a deluxe version more accessoried.
Under the hood the famous 221 c.i flatehead V8with 85 hp…low power but great torque.
The truck is given detailed with some usefull accessoires as the wood sides and the Winchester at the shoulder of the bench…practice yet today in use for many countryman.
Frank remember those moments with nostalgic feel...and he think: it will be yet in the barn? After so long time?
A motivation for a new work…should go to check!
 Maybe he could find it ...and restore the truck and give to yourself a rejoicing for re find an “old friend”.
Ford Pickup 1937 1/24 By MotorMax totally weathered By Frank

True or fantasy?

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