Friday, March 15, 2013


Frank once again rummaging in the trunk of his memories, he shows us another Caddy:

a series 62 convertible 1947.

 He remember when he taken those pics...when he was a child ,and his passion for motors grew up..

 the Caddy was painted in a special color: ivory and the interiors option was made in a bi-tone option: cream and burgundy-leather materials

 open the hood shows the exceptional attention to detail of these armchairs on wheels.

Under the hood, the 346 c.i. as a cat's purr snoring to a minimum without forgetting that with the foot push can do this Caddy from 0 to 60 mph / h in 13 sec, and get up to a speed of 100 mph / h.

The antenna on the fender skirts  for radio, hubcaps "sombrero" and chrome moldings seem in tune with the place that the occupants will visit a few miles ahead.
what else? another beautiful icon from the past..that could bring us in our desired dreams!


true or  fantasy?

Cadillac series 62 1947 convertible diecast 1/24 by Jada
Total reloaded by Frank.

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