Thursday, February 28, 2013


Frank  back at his memories when he was a child, but already car lover
The car is place under the famous Welcome sign…installed for  the 1959..landscape is very different than now

In these photos taken near to Las Vegas he shows us a beautiful Caddy : Coupè de Ville 1949

 The Caddy Probably was stuck in mind's of Frank… he remember yet the color was painted : Madeira maroon... He asked at the owner... direct to the strip for pass a w.e to play

He remember also the new engine installed just for the ’49 the OHV 331 c.i. ,more small than in the past but at same performance...maybe some things more...

at the rear a sketch for what   it will be for the future in the cars design:   the tail fin

what else? A car…a life style in a future that becoming the past in this memories  photos

reality or fantasy....the borders are so narrow


Cadillac Coupè de Ville 1949 Diecast 1/24 Franklin Mint  

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