Friday, January 25, 2013


At this time Frank show us one of his special custom productions ready to expose at the SEMA show!

Prepared on the Chevy stepside 1956 body, he has worked hard for prepare this pickup.

For first thing he has sandblasted, the body and he has prepared wider the rear fender, for the new  26 inch wheels.

Second step it has been the new paint: plum crazy poly, a special color that give more appearance at the truck. but keeping a classic line with the right details as the sill bars and the chromed parts not excessive.

The style of this truck is DUB with black mat grille and big disk brake under the wheels, furthermore the specials tail lights accentuate this peculiarity.

 A toolbox on the deck is an useful detail.For end we should hear the sound generated from the big twin exhaust pipe that comes out from the back undercarriage.

The special work Frank's it was the interiors preparation: two tone white and purple for the bench and a special features for sound obtained with an installation Harman Cardon with a big amplifier and big subwoofer on the doors panels.
Central console with supplementary gauges for take under control the powerful new engine.The gearbox is a manual ,and the all the power is discharged to the ground, with a Dana transmission.

The manual brake is now moved by Frank on the Floor .

 A monster cubic over 500 inch...and an unknown power...but we can imagine!

there's no more space, neither a bulb lamp could be there.

what else say? Another Frank's work that has produced a curious truck, not more for loaded goods but for fun!

Chevy Stepside 1956 Diecast 1/24 by Jada totally reloaded by Frank

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