Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Another dip in the past with Frank with this special Buick Roadmaster model  year 1949

Painted silver  with roof in Ivory is a very elegance car...a Cadillac competitor!

The interior is a warm red velvet as a friendly but also sensual hug as a lady.

On the side the distinctive chromed “Sweepspear by Buick.

 White wall tires on this kind of era...these give more elegance at this cruiser road

Under the hood a fireball 320 c.i with 168 hp… not many but enough for smooth a shopping to a sweet pace across the town.

Buick Roadmaster 1949 diecast 1/25 by Johnny lightning
Totally redone by Frank

History of this model:
The Buick Roadmaster flagship brand, underwent a major facelift in 1949, turning it into a car "compact" at the expense of weight, increased significantly.
Characteristic of aesthetic change was the adoption of the windscreen divided into two parts but curved to give greater visibility to the driver, this feature was touted in the brochure of the time. Appeared for the first time the "twenty ports" or ports hole on the front fenders: 4 for Roadmaster, 3 for all other Buick.
The "Twenty ports" were an idea of Ned Nickles (Buick designers) who decided to install exhaust pipes as if they were a 'fighter plane (we are in the war) and simulassero the pistons of the engine with the exhaust flames. The 8-cylinder engine in line became so apparent an element of strength and power.
The first project was the yellow bulbs intermittently then replaced by chrome holes.
Among the salient mechanical changes was supplied as standard transmission "Dynaflow" and the increase in engine power up to 168 hp (322 Nailhead V8 us / 320 Fireball I8 us).
The Buick was given the power windows as standard, with the same luxury aligned to the Cadillac "series 62" and Olds 98. The grille of the Roadmaster was further enhanced by a chrome side molding called "Sweepspear" (a mustache or V) would become a feature of all Buick.The Buick Roadmaster for 1949 was a real success in sales, despite the price just below a Cadillac.


Johnny Lightning is a medium quality diecast… this models by J.L. as ever are good for the weight 'cause undercarriage is also in metal.
The original release is in a bad color maybe too metallic paint. The interior was grey incorrect for the really interior option.
Sin is the trunk and the doors not openable, the engine is few detailed and the light glass are moulded without glass.
Good for tires and with wall.
My opinion is that the model could be made with more details and attention build.
I believe this should rating 6.5/10.

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