Friday, November 16, 2012

BUICK GS 455 1970

 Glen Canyon again... this is the same place of the last one time to show another Frank icon: Buick GS 455 from 1970. Painted Emerald mist poly,this new work by Frank shine under the sun,the car was totally restored.
 the beautiful contrast with the white vinyl roof and the interior also white make this car a little bit appearance simply clear,but we wouldn't forget that under the hood the power is respectable!
 Another difference with the Gsx is the chromed lights frame
 this car ,entry level for muscle by Buick (the other is the Gsx) have little difference between the Gsx: the hood is without tachometer (option ),no rear spoiler.
 the interior view is cool,we see the shifter for the automatic gear,Turbo-hydramatic 400.the tires with white line on special sport wheels  are right choice. You agree?
under the hood the 455 .i with 350 hp ,a little option by Frank is the air filter,modify by Frank's taste...he said more more air more power...what else? another work by Frank for give uniqueness at this model as all the cars by Frank!

Stay tuned!   Buick GS 455 1970 - Diecast 1/24 by Welly
Totally reloaded by Frank

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