Thursday, October 11, 2012


Springfield: Illinois capital's it's the place where Frank bring us for show a beautiful car of the 50's: Buick Century of 1955.
 The version is an Hardtop and is a beauty product of space-age era.

 Painted in try- tone color,showing  itself  on the main street, as a part of that  far past.
Designed by H.Earl  this car showing  elegance and sportivity.Under the hood a 322 c.i with 236 hp that give a very powerful car,so that,the police department of California ordered some cars for equipped the highway patrol.
 The interior are  leather bi-tone red and black for more sporty look.
Among the options available you could order: the trip master for the calculation of miles of travel, a new carburetor 4 barrel , seat cushions in foam comfortable, light in the trunk, electric clock, windows and electrically adjustable seats, Internally adjustable door mirrors, leather upholstery and over 200 combinations of paint and interiors.

 The powerful engine.

 Full chrome,and more parts that should remember the missile rocket.
Option by Frank are the special rims that was an original option by Buick for the '55.

Buick Century 1955 diecast 1/26 by Maisto (Highway patrol version)
Totally redone by Frank

Diorama handmade by Frank that would very thanks at:


  1. Fantastic cars, fantastic blog.
    All the best

  2. Thanks Carmelo I've appreciate your comment, and I like your love for american cars!