Friday, September 28, 2012


The trip "on the road" by Frank this time leads us to the Glen Canyon "National Recreation Area" located between the northern Arizona and Utah.
the landscape is of immense beauty made ​​of red rocks and charming views, a gorge created by 'massive dam that contains the Lake Powell created by the Colorado River and the San Juan River; Is in this suggestive place that Frank take the occasion for take shots at one of his new creations: Buick GSX 1970

 The Buick is in a mint condition and  it's a very rare car (one of 678 built).
 Painted in Saturn yellow (one of two choice colors available,the other was the apollo white).
The Buick is a perfect comparison between the forced nature with the dam,and the forced power given at this special "muscle"!
The car have all his special parts at their place. Rear spoiler,tachometer external on the hood (characteristic by Buick) special decals on the body,special trim  wheels and more.
 This car expresses which was for buick the sport car concept in the 70's
 the interior is totally black,elegant and sporty as all Buick were made.
under the hood the exuberant engine 455 ci the real power of this Buick: 360 hp with 4 gear on the floor, for burning the road at 129,5 mph.
unfortunately...all this power was also fragile...the engine bench was not reinforced so many Gsx was destroyed.this has been one of motivation for the low success of this "muscle".
In spite of everything this car is beautiful,and Frank is proud  to show us again one of american icon more famous.

Buick GSX 455 Stage 1 1970 by Diecast 1/24 by Welly
Redone by Frank

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