Friday, September 14, 2012


Frank at this time have to show us a tasty nibble...and very rare to find around in this shape: a Pontiac Lemans 1964.The reason for the rarity is that the all almost the LeMans survivor has been cloned in GTO .
 Main characteristic of the LeMans is the different air scoop post on the sides instead that on the hood
Frank have given a little Street machine appearance...but has conserved the sobriety and the elegance painted the car with a  saddle bronze poly.
 maybe the oversized tyres at the rear,are overstated...nevertheless  the result is a line fluent and clean.

The interior are bi-tone tan/brown,classic and elegant, as must be in a Lemans  (while in the GTO sister are more poor...)
Under the hood the 326 ci is all new and also in this case is a little bit modified by Frank for more performance...maybe it a challenge with the GTO sister?might have thought Frank when have put his hands on the engine!some doubt comes to mind ... seeing the exhaust...

Pontiac LeMans 1/25 (from GTO version by Johnny Lightning kit):
modified and redone by Frank point of view. 

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