Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OLDS 442 1969

Frank shows another work done:an Olds 442 1969 year.
Found in good conditions only the weathered time,bring on the body,originally painted in Cameo White whit black stripes on the hood

 the car is all original, Frank has only refresh the details a little bit over ruined as the chromed trim

for be an old survivor car the conditions are great.At this time Frank had been very lucky...was missing the external mirrors ,and antenna is  new

 the wheels are repainted (center part) and new tyres replaced,also the bagde previous stolen!
 the engine (L-30) 400 V8 da 360 Hp,running yet good so Frank has only changed the air intake pipes,with new in aluminum
the inerior with black strato bucket, was clean so Frank has left so...In conclusion an easy  work for Frank this time, but the results are appreciable...the door are open... someone would to drive?

olds 442 1969 : Diecast Ertl 1/24

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