Thursday, May 5, 2011

SHELBY COBRA 427 -1965

Frank does not mind spending this time and prepares us for a car without equal ... a unique real Shelby/AC Cobra 427 ...

 The car dated 1965 has been completely disassembled sand blasted and checked in detail. Repainted silver with black stripes, sporty and fierce ...

 Here a back view

 Frank has spared nothing ... the 427 that is under the hood with what looks like a thunder tube 2 in 1 (designed by Frank) ... that is the mouth of a cannon!

 The black leather interior, with new "Bucket seats ... and a fire extinguisher in the center tunnel .. safety in this case is never underestimated.

 The central cannon mouth....and gives a 'somewhat unusual and uncommon effect.

 The 'upgrade' continues with 4 disc brakes and 4 rims 21 "tires with super-low, the mirror tint on the body ... replacing the two rear lights with a typical" in a single lens. "

 Roll bar reinforced and prepared by Frank in matt black.

A car clean design but at the same time "full of evil" for anyone who wants to challenge you!

BBurago 1/24 an old Diecast

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