Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CHEVELLE SS 454 1970

 Frank show us another month work...he have found this Chevelle 1970 usually he enjoy the tour for found this kind of junkyard yewel in his surroundings...this time was lucky,the car was in good condition...and the work to restore it was not so hard.

 for first time he have clean and repaint completely the body,with  mulsanna blue poly,with withe stripes

 the interior is redone in black...obviously what the time and weather had ruined

 under the hood we find a 454-LS 6 with 450 hp option totally refreshed...rare option also for the 1970!

the rear end with the two exhaust pipes more bigger than original for a better sound...the rear window is obscured, a classic Frank's touch...for details...

in this pics the car is ready, parking in the Frank showroomfloor waiting for a buyer.....and will not be so hard to find one!

Model kit 1/24 Revell

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