Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 Another spring day..another "bee" this one survivor in bad condition for the weathered age. Frank has hard work for replacing this car at the original condition for some stuff added...Frank way!

 after a complete sanding frame he have paint the car in a "rally green" very bright! but this is no sufficient for Frank..so he think...why don't added a white vinil roof ? for give a very sportful appearance? so it's done!

on the sides he have added a typical R/T version air scoop... Cragar whees dark grey/chromed very raging

 the hood in fiberglass very light (for best performance) on the roof...

 the threatening aspect of the "snout"-grille

under the hood the 440 "six pack" with 400 horsepower by Frank...guaranted!

the upgrade it was very industrious...but the results it's under your look.

 another Frank touch...the double exaust very bigger! he love the smooth sound of the V8...he-he-he!

 the interior completely replaced in withe...bench seat for driving this super car!

what else say?...with the previous bee (1970) he have done a complete tour view in  "spring time" for very performance cars!


Diecast 1/24 by MotorMax

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