Thursday, April 12, 2018

Oldsmobile 88 1955

Frank show us to this wonderful Oldsmobile Super 88 1955 convertible, a compact and elegant car with a charm to sell.

The two oval spokes with the mounted lights in the center of the mask make the nose as dynamic as the nose of a spaceship. All in clear construction ambiance 50 years where space and the future are the thinking of all American

A splendid car that shows off on the driveway of a house in the south of the States

The car came out of Frank's hands, perfect in every detail; at the rear wheel arches the fender skirt that connects the wheel with the bodywork making the car slender upward as if it were taking off, perfect chromed parts  that makes it solar.

Skilfully colored two tones in the "flying colors" style of Oldsmobile with the blue Bimini and the Polar white, just as much for the interiors as double the double tone, including the dashboard. 

Under the hood the V8 324 c.i Rocket painted again in green, scratches with its 202 HP an engine that for the moment has burnt the asphalt! Frank is enthusiastic and reminds us that this car was one of the forerunners of the "muscle cars" that will arrive a decade from there.

This model / year was a real success, about 600 thousand cars that will be a record for the Oldsmobile brand for the ten years after '55 and that for the joy of Frank another has been saved from oblivion!

Oldsmobile super 88 1/24 diecast Welly total redone by Frank


  1. Beautifull model, very nice really!.


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  3. Thanks Greg...modeling is a passion..everyone tries to dare the most in the things he believes in