Monday, March 26, 2018


Frank has in his hands a classic Impala class 1964, just finished shows us this work in particular that it is a station wagon. Frank has completely restored it except for the timeless 409 engine.

The car was painted Almond fawn metallic a "fine" silver Which embellished by the double tone : the roof is white.

Externally Frank has added a couple of options such as the "mudguards" on the rear fenders to make the rear end and the roof rack racy to make this full-size as well as beautiful.

The engine has not been replaced but overhauled, it is Turbo Fire 409 c.i 400 hp with a change in the steering wheel a huge torque and an almost disproportionate power. 

For the interiors Frank opted for a double tone between the medium metallic blue and the white, a very well-chosen exterior interior contrast; Inside we find 6 comfortable seats and a huge trunk. The air conditioning completes the comfort of this wonderful Chevy flagship.

Frank the photographer ready to go to the beach, a surf on the roof ... someone is ready to ride the waves and the road again with this classic Impala.

Impala Station Wagon 1964 diecast 1/24 Jada total redone by Frank


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