Sunday, January 22, 2017

FORD F100 1954

Frank presents us a Ford F100 model year 1954 with a fascinating location behind, an old Shell gas station in Arizona along the highway that  Frank run often.

Frank has worked hard, the vehicle was completely disassembled, many parties needed to be replaced and rebuilt many, especially in sheet metal.

 The grille was reconstructed almost in its entirety without being replaced to maintain the originality of the piece. The body was first sandblasted painted in "Cadet blue" and the roof was painted in white, the color chosen is not the most common products, but according to Frank exquisitely elegant

The rims are the original paintings in blue with chrome rim and boss on which sparkle tires "white wall". Frank left on the rear platform of the wooden banks to remind what use this wonderful F100 was intended

 Under the hood beats back the original unit, the Y-Block 279 c.i cleverly cooled by an all parts control

 The interior has been completely redone by Frank bringing them to the new, even for the inner blue it is the predominant color, the steering wheel has been replaced due to the wear and Frank reassures us on taking in the guide.

Now the exaust pipes are double, for good american sound
All the details have been carefully tended, Frank is pleased to have reported on the road once again a piece of the american history
Ford F100 1954 diecast 1/24 Motor Max totally rebuilded by Frank

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