Friday, October 14, 2016

Lincoln-Zephir Continental 1941

The Lincoln-Zephyr brand was introduced in 1936 as a cost content over the Lincoln brand; It was introduced to bridge the gap between the number of Ford V8 deluxe and top range of Lincoln, as the LaSalle brand was Cadillac. The Zephir cars were the first after the failure of Chrysler Airfolw to have an aerodynamic successful style.
Frank was eager to try this beautiful vintage cars on the road, not so much for the car itself but for what it was throbbing under the hood: a 4.8-liter V12 flatehead perfectly functioning expertly prepared properly.
The sweet unusual noise has left Frank startled while conducting this jewel on the sunny lands of Arizona, and thanks to aerodynamics the speed seemed to above the expectations of the most avid driver.The car m.y 1941 has arrived in the hands of unexpected Frank a real opportunity and in excellent conditions.

The red leather interior were excellent and they have not changed, the simplicity of this car is also essential in the dashboard with round dials and give a strange feeling to those who sit behind the wheel to drive almost an airplane
stay tuned!  Frank

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