Friday, June 15, 2012


 Frank show us at this time his Chevy A210 year 1955 special customized during the past
 the car came from  his grandpa,and was one of the first car of the beginning the car was red,with his original engine...few hp for few fun...but in the course of the years and with the increasing of improving mechanical experience of Frank...the things was changed
 first time the car was sandblasted,and repaint with white color and the back in green poly...but not only ...the roof now is race flagged...for give to see that this car don't joke!
 under the hood now is placed a new chevy 402 ci with edelbrock centerline and air filter made ​​by hand...all the engine parts are now really performing...the double light mounted on the grille,  is as give an important rallye face..and so is...
 the interior was completely redone in vinyl bi-itone ,also  the benchseat is special 'cause are refined  with extra lime green the chrome trim on the fender side...other interior replacing parts was the custom steering wheels..and surprise:shift on the floor for the new transmission 4 gear...special 15 inch chromed wheels...with central dice...give more sport appearance and grip...
 big exhaust pipes for big noise..what else? a beer ?in trunk a fresh surprise! we can do drink a toast?

ready to ride this special Chevy  named Caroline in honor of his old girlfriend!


Chevy 1955 Diecast 1/24 Jby ada total reloaded by Frank

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