Tuesday, May 29, 2012


California,fall season,thru Sierra Nevada Frank takes us at pleasure visit at the Sequoia National Park with a special car: Chevy Impala '59,colored  in an armonious color that does not clash with the forest green that surrounding the car.
The Impala is intact and in perfect condition, moves placidly among the silent forests and impressive and the hum of its V8 engine (283 hp from 335 us injection) seems not to arouse the quiet of the park.
 Frank take some photographs from the Tunnel log an amazing park attraction near Moro rock (the tunnel was formed by digging a giant sequoia fell in 1937).
 images for a perfect interior bi-tone

 the very clean engine...

what other said? a beautiful car in an even better scene!

Impala 1959:Diecast 1/24 by West Coast Precision (uncut if not for the licence plate).
Scenery/Dio total by Frank

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