Wednesday, March 14, 2012

IMPALA SS 427 1967

 Frank have a new Impala to show from 1967 e present this beauty SS 427!
 Painted tuxedo black is a pure contrast with the snow brilliance
 aggressive snout ,but at the same time very elegant...
 Frank have done a little work the exterior ,as the replacing of previous wheels with a set of original  reallye  wheels with red lines tyres... 
 the car was found by Frank in great shape,except for the interior that was completely refreshed...

 now ,the car is original and complete with his new interior clothes (vanilla option color).
 the engine has been many parts and Frank has added a MSD unit for improve the  performance offer for this 427 ci (385 hp RPO Z-24,engine L36)

the SS version was rare, and in this photograph we can trust in the  originality of the car with the hood scoop feature of the SS model.
what else to say?another gaming by Frank!

Diecast 1/24 Jada reloaded by Frank

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