Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Frank on the road with his new work,Pontiac GTO just finished,the green prairies behind the road and the blue sky, give at this shot a perfect frame.

 The car  has been restored with Frank style: the more as possible factory style:
Red line tires on chromed sport rime  trim; interiors redone in a tan color option, elegance and confortable sensation for who behind the steering could appreciate the roar of this real thoroughbred. 

 This car have every options:radio (we  see the aerial on the rear fender),manual gear on the floor…the performance is assured..

The landscape infinity seems to give invitation for running  miles on miles without limits of moving by the tri-power with  360 hp..

Pontiac GTO 1965 1/24 dicast  By Franklin Mint,revisited by Frank

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