Friday, January 16, 2015


Frank has in this episode a particular car and fascinating especially for 60's lovers.

We are projected in 1964 where the stand of the time we can see the presentation of the new Mercury Marauder ParkLane

The car in these images expresses all its elegance, but in hindsight we perceive a subtle feeling that this car can burn the quarter mile in a few seconds.

Painted in a particular color "Silver Torquoise Poly" shows off in his "first" inside a black leather denoting a sportsmanship dormant but ready to leap out just a few customers will get to drive.

The huge rear features the magnificent 3 lights oval set in a superb chrome tail.
The four front lights denote sportiness and elegance accentuate its long side, it seems that the purpose of the designers Mercury has been reached.Wheels with whitewall wheels to "hub" central denote yet its sporty pretensions.
Under the hood of this Marauder (ParkLane) beats his engine "base" a Super Marauder 390 there 4V 300 Hp.

This first orders will definitely flaked at the various dealers, you could not let escape a certain novelty so handsome!

Mercury Marauder 1964 1/25 Model Kit By Amt

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