Wednesday, July 16, 2014


 Frank show us at this time some photographs from his from memories album: a Ford Ranchero model year 1957 shoot on the road in some pics in the spring of 57.
The truck just come out from factory is taken   near a ads long the way, beside some lost county. The big placard showing it with all the convenience to buy it. 
The version of this truck is “Fairlane Ranchero” namely

Luxury version: many chromed parts on all the truck body ,wheels clearly from car derivation as the white wall on the tires. Vynil interior,radio and many option as the cargo cover for protect the delivery.

The color is a special color from the Ford factory chart ordered by the costumer is a two tone: dresden blue lower and roof and starmist blue (the middle).

The interior are also two tone: vinyl blue and white; looks to be at drive a car instead a truck.

The Ford target for the 1957!

with this fabulous truck the journey had to be just to be savored.

Stay tuned


Ford Ranchero diecast 1/25 ertl total reloaded by Frank


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