Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Under the Arizona sun along the Route 66...Frank take a little trip for show a special Muscle of the 60'thies: PONTIAC GTO 1964 for someone the mother of muscle's

 this car it had been found semi-restored by Frank,and he had think...why don't replace totally? and so he gone to start!
 the car is painted in starlight black,with black interior
At this time Frank was lucky,'cause the car was in good conditions and the work have  been almost easy.
Frank take some  pics in front at the "V8 resturant" an old place where he was a young... forgotten places
 under the hood a tri- power 383 ci with 348 hp!
 the car stuck in Seem the time ... as if the time had never passed from those golden years when this Pontiac was put  on the road

Pontiac GTO Diecast by ertl/racing champions 1/24 reloaded by Frank-Diorama Route 66 by Frank

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