Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CHEVROLET 3100 1955

another pick up another usefull truck...by Frank
at this time Frank has restored an old stepside...originally found in a cream color really rusted..he has sanded all the body and has replaced with this bi-tone color red/white...
for check his work ,he would tried to an hard way to value the results...a snowed north road....for confortable  driving  he  mounted snow tires
the interior give a warm welcome...in all restored seats......in all restored seats,also in  bi-tone tissue color
the rear end with the stop- gate,for don't leave something on the road during the travel !!!...he had some presents for his friends..
maybe the tyres it's not correct for the '55 the white line it's over narrow for a kind of those year...
Frank and his light truck in front of  friends house....the landscape it's great...like all that snow that give soft everything...a kind of magic...like the work that Frank has done...(I hope you agree)
black and white photos to make you realize the years from which the pick up ... a photo of the grandparents!!!


diecast 1/24 Superior/Sunnyside

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