Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CHEVROLET 3100 half ton 1950

At this time Frank has prepared another Chevy classics from 50's,it's ready to run but he have loaded on a trailer for a visit in the north to some his friends,North Dakota for precision one of preferred Frank's country!

 it's not the first one that he have  restored...but this is for himself... a pick up may  be ever useful!!!

 now observing the truck we can say it's almost new...sorry without almost...the liberty that Frank have taken for painting this Chevy ,it's change of the color chip,now  taken from a 54' color chart: "Skyline blue"

 Frank seemed a good idea to present this chevy in the snow to get a good photo dynamic, contrast, white blue board is minimal ..

 the fog headlights like  vintage...but it's allowed he's yet functional

 some particulars,like the sticker on the windshield,and the b/w pics give more idea for the passed time,on this sheet...

 interior simple and clear,only the floor mat was added...

another blast from the past with this photo...

your enjoy

Diecast 1/24 Maisto

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